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Mei Zi's food Diary
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Mei Zi's food Diary

 Mei Zi, native of Shandong, born in Jilin District of Changbai Mountain Province, graduated from Peking University in Beijing as university teachers and staff. After that, and that he came to the United States, to get a degree, after the end of the study career, and then at home dressing. Hope that the future will be able to find a job that likes - simple personality, simple experience, simple life. From July 2003 onwards, the plum adhere to a daily update your blog page, "write food diary" has been up to 1000 articles. And Mei Zi's blog click volume is growing exponentially, the current has reached more than 400000 times.

Mailbox: Laochao the my book: December 2010 the small kitchen love "2008/2/1" beauty food moment "2007/1/1" eats the heart food means "the warmth of the pasta cooking" September 2004 "a lover's cookbook" thanks for your attention and support:)

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