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Lena Fujii

Lena Fujii
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Lena Fujii

Lena Fujii (Lena Fujii), a Japanese mixed model, was born in 1984 and has 1/4 American lineages. Its biggest feature is the two sexy nevus on both ends of the corners of the mouth. With a sweet and sweet shape and a sweet and sweet smile, Lena Fujii won the high popularity in Japan and abroad. For 11 years, he was the chief model of ViVi magazine. In addition to models, Lena Fujii has also released a record as a singer, and has achieved good results. Lena Fujii's biggest hobby in the ordinary day is self timer. Lena Fujii in private lens is more adorable than in a magazine. It has the feeling of a little girl in the neighbourhood. His dress style, make-up, and so on, are becoming more and more popular with young boys and girls.

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