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NAVER is Korea's largest portal site, also provides search services. According to statistics, Naver alone accounted for 77 percent of the entire Korean search market, far more than came in second of 10.8% higher. NAVER on the page aggregation of a large number such as news, weather, shopping, and other popular search news and information.

 NAVER search provides excellent localization services for Korean users. When a user searches, NAVER will search result websites, news, blog, pictures, shopping, etc. sort, filter, and rejected a lot of junk and spam sites, allowing users to be able to search more convenient and faster.

Naver Tutorial :  How to join / register in Naver

Naver is a Korean search engine similar to how westerners/worldwide people use Google search engine. Similar to gmail, you can also have an email account at Naver. Many people think that you have to be a Korean citizen to register, but that is not true. Actually, I'm not a Korean citizen nor have I been to Korea and I can still make a Naver account. It does NOT require a Korean social security number so don't worry. All it takes is time and patients.

Naver Account Creation

How to register for Naver account

 1. Open a new tab in the internet browser then, go to Click  (Register) link in the login box.

How to create a naver Id

2. On the next page, click the first green circle icon to agree to the terms of service. The other icons will turn green automatically.

3. Click Agree button to proceed to the next step.

How to create naver id

4. Enter all the required information on the next page. Please follow the following guidelines upon creating a username and password, and entering other personal details.


Username – You can use any letters from a to z, numbers, and underscore as long as it will not exceed the maximum number of allowed characters which is twelve. The minimum is five. Capital letters are not allowed.

Password – You can use any letters from A to z, numbers, and special characters. The maximum number of characters allowed is sixteen, and the minimum is six. Please create a strong password for security.

First Name and Last Name – You can enter your name in English or Hangul.

Birthdate – The first drop down menu is for the birth month, and the second box is for the birthday. You must enter the birthday manually. 

Phone Number – Select your country code in the drop-down menu, and enter the phone number manually in the box beside it. Please use a phone number not yet registered in Naver.

Other Email – It is optional, but it is advisable to provide one in case you’ve lost access to your account.

5. Click the Verify button after entering the cell phone number, and other details. Naver will send a six verification code via SMS. It will be sent immediately. It might be delayed. Just wait for the text message to arrive probably within 10 minutes. You can verify the cell phone number again to request another code. It’s free! If you don’t receive the code after several attempts, try to edit the phone number instead.
6. Go back to the registration form. Enter the verification code in the last text box, then click "Confirm". If the code is not valid even though correct, you need to redo the registration. Refresh the page or go back to Step 1. “Verification is successful”. This message will appear if the code is valid.
7. To finish, click Sign Up button.

welcome naver page

Congratulations! Your account has been successfully made. Click on Start to go to your email.
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